Top Apps for Drivers

Most interesting is that You have the ability to use most of the features offered by car manufacturers, and not need to buy a new car until You’ve got a smartphone, Internet access and several useful applications. Below You will find a list of the 10 most interesting apps that is available free and is able to maximize the functionality of Your car on the road like You never thought.
1) Yanosik
One of the most popular applications, combining the advantages of satellite navigation with the option to avoid traffic jams and CB radio. The app every month enjoys more than 1.5 million drivers. Yanosik shows the running speed radars, police cars without distinctive signs, speed monitoring and warning control ECR. All information is transmitted in real time and is confirmed by all users. The app has a simple and intuitive user interface. The only real drawback are the ads in the free version, but even they are placed in a manner that does not reduce the usability of the application.
Operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
2) Waze
One of the major navigation apps social networking used to track traffic. It will not only inform You that approaching traffic jam, but will also allow You to apply changes to maps and even show close to the cheapest petrol station. Speaking about the mechanism of action, Waze is very similar to a Yanosik. Users are often pleasantly surprised by its extensive database. One of the most interesting features is the joint use of the map — when someone is waiting for Your arrival, You can send a link to the route map, which is updated in real time. The map opens in the browser, which means that the other person is not required to install the application.
Operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone (users complain about the lack of updates as of 2014)
3) Google Maps
This app works on maps that are well known to almost every Internet user. Its interface is very intuitive. The app also syncs with Google (the function that will evaluate any driver who is accustomed to working with Google on your home computer) and has an incredibly extensive database. Google Maps can be used for navigation and updating of traffic information. If, due to unforeseen events such as accident will have to change the route, the app will display an alternative route in real time.
Operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
4) AutoGuard Blackbox
In principle, this black box of Your car. The app allows you to record your entire driving process, including parameters such as speed and position on the map. You can use it if you want to find your friends on Google Maps and send the recording by e-mail. The app also allows you to make high quality recording (1080p), which can be invaluable, if after the traffic accident will be required to provide evidence to the police or to the insurer. If necessary, the application also provides You quick access to the rooms of the emergency call.
Operating systems: Android, iOS
5) MoBILET, Sky Cash
These applications are especially useful in cities where you have to pay for Parking. You don’t have to worry that at hand was always enough stuff. You can also save a little by paying for the time when the car was parked — no more, no less. On the other hand, always worth checking whether the application runs in the city in which You are heading.
Operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
6) Fuelio
A useful application that allows You to control the amount spent on fuel. Based on GPS data, the app displays statistics such as average fuel consumption or the number of refills. All of this is displayed in the form of easily readable charts. If You decide to choose the paid version of the application, graphs can be automatically sent to Your Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also analyze data on more than one car.
Operating system: Android
This app is designed for those who are looking for a used car. The most valuable feature is the ability to search for the desired vehicle outside the Polish borders — available data from other EU countries. has an extensive database of cars sold, the new owners, and dealers throughout the EU.
Operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
8) Torque Lite
This application allows You real-time to control a few settings and diagnose the condition of the engine on the basis of operator error. It requires Bluetooth, which You can purchase for only 40 PLN and connect to OBD-II. The paid version of this app (15 PLN) has another cool feature — it allows you to remove errors. Most of the mechanics for deleting messages “Check the engine” I ask PLN 50 or so— for the money You can buy both the app and the interface. In addition, Android users can install free apps or Piston OBD Car Doctor, and iOS users can get EOBD Facile (basic diagnostics and removal of bugs) or EOBD Premium (the paid version with full diagnostics).
Operating systems: Android, iOS
9) Blablacar
A very popular app that allows drivers and passengers to share the cost of the trip. After You install the route and wait for passengers, Blabla calculate the average cost of a trip per person and a small fee, but passengers who will pay You for driving, You’ll still save. If You regularly drive longer distances and take passengers, Blablacar can be a real source of income. There is also an alternative is Carpooling.
Operating systems: Android, iOS
10) MyCar Locator
An interesting application that will help You find Your car. The app is very useful in large Parking lots, unfamiliar streets, in cities where You’ve never been, etc. This is a perfect solution for all forgetful and scattered drivers.
Operating system: Android
The application is not the only reason why the smartphone is a useful piece of equipment to Your vehicle. On the market you can find with a smartphone compatible rear view camera — You can use them if the car is not equipped with a Central display. With your phone You can even remotely turn on the heating. The possibility of using smartphone in Your car is practically unlimited — You can easily find what is best suited for Your needs.


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