The BoxTrolls Slide’n’Sneak Game (Review)

Do you like being a knight in rusty armour who rushes to the aid of his ugly-yet-adorable troll friends? Then this is the perfect game for you! Forty levels, mind blowing controls, patrolling villains, and you, the hero! That’s the basic crux of this game.

Based on the 3D stop-motion-animated movie — The Boxtrolls, the game follows a similar story, i.e. you’re a friend of the Boxtrolls, and as a good friend, it’s your duty to help them rescuing their fellow Boxtrolls who have been captured by Red Hats. Now, Red Hats are mean, big people who have no compassion or sense of humanity.
The BoxTrolls gameplay

Your task is to slide through the levels, jump across platforms, collecting “cogs” and getting closer to the objective of freeing your troll buddies. For your mission, you can take up to three Boxtrolls from the safety of their underground cavern to the streets and rooftops of Cheesebridge, the little town in action. Along your run, you must avoid making any noise, falling into traps, or being caught by the Red Hats. Because the vigilant Red Hats are taking no chances and will capture you the first chance they have! If they do, it’s game over. But don’t worry, there are eight different power-ups to your rescue that you can unlock to boost your gameplay.

As you discover hidden tunnels and add bonus cogs to your collection, you head closer to your troll friends and your objective. To make matters more interesting, you’ll have five distinct environments with basic, but endearing graphics, and ten unique Boxtrolls, each having different abilities that you can unlock as you progress in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Get the game today; slide, jump, and glide through the levels and run amuck on the streets of Cheesebridge and save the Boxtrolls now!

Available on: iOS, Android
Price: free


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