Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Mobile Game Review)

Can Gameloft continue to lead the field?

Like any successful Hollywood franchise, new titles in a video game series have to please regular customers with a mix of the fresh and the familiar, while also attracting the eye of newcomers.

The fifth Modern Combat, subtitled Blackout, mostly sticks to the tried and the trusted, so you’ll already have an idea if you’re going to get a kick out of this or not.

MC5 looks great on any device, though it looks better on larger tablets. The graphics really can’t be faulted fora mobile title and they make the slightly delayed loading times worth it. The locations are varied and atmospheric, and you feel as involved in the action as you can while holding an electronic slab between your hands. The single-player mission storylines, while basic and unoriginal, are at least attention-grabbing and fast-paced.

On the downside, touchscreen controls are as limiting as they have been for almost every FPS ever committed to a mobile device, and you can’t play at all without an internet connection. There’s a new player class system which gives you the chance to specialize in a certain role and add customizations, It supplies some welcome variety, as do the special ops and multiplayer missions.

The standard multiplayer game types are all here but MC5 offers more flexibility and bigger maps than previous versions. As we’ve said though, it’s difficult to shoot with any real precision a lot of the time, and this shows up a lot more in multiplayer matches. In terms of graphics, sound, variety and plotting, Blackout scores highly, and there’s a definite step up from MC4. Problems remain though, so there’s room for improvement for the next instalment.

Another top-notch FPS from Gameloft that boasts outstanding graphics fora mobile game, but unfortunately it hasn’t yet reached perfection.


  • Excellent graphics throughout a variety of detailed locations
  • Better organised class system and plenty of weaponry within it


  • Touchscreen controls are, as always on an FPS title, far from being ideal
  • Without an active Internet connection the game won’t run

iPad+ iOS 7.0 (£4.99/$6.99)

Modern Combat 5: Blackout on the App Store

Android OS 4.0 (£4.99/$6.99)

Modern Combat 5: Blackout on Google Play


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