Hyperlapse — Create and Share a Time-Lapse Video

Speed up time with Hyperlapse, the new app from Instagram that lets you produce creative videos and share memorable moments of your day in bite-sized chunks.

Not content with facilitating the sharing of retro photos of lattes and #nofilter selfies, Instagram has launched its brand new project, Hyperlapse. This entirely new app lets you create time-lapse videos, showing the passing of time in short sped-up clips.

Strictly speaking, it’s doesn’t actually enable you to create proper time-lapse videos, because that would involve shooting a series of still images over a period of time and then stitching them together to create a video. What Hyperlapse actually does is record video that you can then speed up to accelerate the action. It’s particularly great for speeding up slow moving subjects for creative effect, such as the sun appearing over the horizon, or simply showing a memorable part of your day in a quick snapshot that lasts for only a few seconds.

What really sets Hyperlapse apart from other time-lapse apps is the built-in stabilisation, which helps to prevent your videos from appearing jumpy and shaky, even when you’re moving around while filming. It works impressively well, making it possible for you to capture your entire morning commute in one short, smooth clip. You can even see the effect this stabilisation has on your video when previewing it before sharing to Instagram. Simply tap the screen and an ‘unstabilised’ version of your video will play so you can see just how shaky it could have been.

Currently the app is only available for iOS devices, just as Instagram was when it first launched, but we’re sure that an Android version won’t be far behind if it proves to be popular with iPhone and iPad users.

Edit your Hyperlapse

Trim your time-lapse to perfection.

Choose a cover

The square icon allows you to choose a single frame from your video to use as the image that people see online before they play your video.

Make it shorter

The scissor icon lets you trim your video, dragging the timeline view found at the bottom of the screen to shorten it to your desired length.

Apply effects

Tapping the magic wand icon gives you an interesting choice of 13 Instagram filters that you can apply to your video, or you can opt for #nofilter.

Check the length

If you video is over 15 seconds long then you will need to trim it down to be able to share it on Instagram.

About the app

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Fast-forward through time by having a go at creating your very own time-lapse video.

iPhone+ iOS 7.0 (Free)

Hyperlapse from Instagram on the App Store

Instagram’s new time-lapse app really couldn’t be any easier to use, with an intuitive and well-designed interface that lets you create and share your videos quickly. It’s also refreshing that the app lets you get creative straight away, without having to sign up or log in when you first open it. However, it would be useful to be able to import and edit existing videos in the app, and to add background music to your creations because sound isn’t recorded.

With Hyperlapse on your side, you can create a smooth and steady time-lapse video in seconds.

Shoot a high-speed video


Once you’ve opened the app, tap the white circle to start recording. The timer shows you how long you’ve been recording for, plus how long your video will be at 6x the speed.


To stop recording, just press the red square. You can then set the playback speed of your video, choosing to display it in real-time or speeding it up to as much as 12x the speed.


Tapping the red cross lets you choose to edit your video later or start a new hyperlapse. The green tick will save it to your camera roll and let you share to Facebook or Instagram.


If you choose to share on Instagram, you will then need to choose the video you want to share from your camera roll and crop it down to the standard Instagram square format. When you’re done, tap Next.


You are now ready to apply some typical Instagram edits to your video, with a series of retro-style filters to choose from. You can also trim down your video and choose the cover frame before tapping Next.


Now you will be directed through to the typical Instagram sharing page, which is where you can choose how and where to share your video, tag people and places and also add a caption before you tap on the Share link.


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