Awesome Games for Road Trips (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Best mobile games for road trips.
Here are awesome mobile games that you can enjoy on the road without a Wi-Fi connection.

Rayman Jungle Run

If you want something fun and accessible that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, then this fits the bill. Graphically excellent and with a decent challenge posed by the 70-odd levels on offer, this is frantic run and jump action set against oodles of charm.

A great offline game to test reflexes and fuel your hunger for old-school platforming.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The latest incarnation of the tower defence game series that throws up more exotic lands, more foes and, more importantly, more satisfying methods of keeping them at bay. An ideal game for honing your defence strategies on the train home.

Smart and stylish looking tower defence fun.

Rabbids Big Bang

Though the format is classic Angry Birds, this game has enough new features up its sleeve and heart melting charm that you just can’t help but succumb. The idea is to whack a fellow Rabbid on a certain trajectory to collect orbiting items and your score will be reflected on your success and accuracy. It’s great fun.

With over 150 levels and bags of humour, this is a game to sink your rabid teeth into.

Ridiculous Fishing

When playing games on the move, the simple ones are usually the best as you can just zone-out and give your grey matter a break. This is the perfect game for those mind-kip sessions as essentially all you have to do is drop a link, get it as deep as possible and then reel in as many fish as you can.

A simple tilt-physics game that will have you hooked from the moment you pick it up.

Minecraft — Pocket Edition

The go-anywhere, build-anything beauty of Minecraft is now mobile. The solo player game plays smoothly and efficiently and there is still a huge world to explore, though multiplayer requires local Wi-Fi.

All of the style and addictive qualities of the computer version.


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