About me

Hi, I’m Alice. I’m a student, and I also have a job, so I’m pretty busy the majority of the time. The aim of getnomandsland blog is to share my love to productivity apps with you, visitor. Every week of mine is juggling work, studies, household tasks and personal projects. And I bet it’s the reality of many other people too.

Apps are a huge part of what helps me manage it all, stay organised, productive and make the journey a bit easier and arranged (sometimes A LOT easier and arranged).

I’ve already gone through an abundance of productivity apps and keep discovering and trying out new ones. I’ve started to take brief notes on each one in my bullet journal and then decided to transform them into full and comprehensive reviews. That’s how getnomandsland was born.

Hope these apps will give you a spark of productivity 😉

BTW, I do time coaching aiming to help you get your life together and things done.