10 Top Apps for Students (iPhone/iPad/Android)

Here are best apps for making the most of university.
Apps for students.
If you’re a fresher, heading off to university can be both exciting and stressful because you don’t know what to expect. Thankfully, mobile devices provide easy access to services and information that will get you settled in. Apps get full marks for helping you report back to your family, get to class on time, stay on track with coursework and many other assignments. Here are 10 worth taking notes on.

The Student Room

The Student RoomIf you want to know what the hot topics are among your fellow students and join in on the conversation, this is the app you need. You can peruse the latest posts, search forums by category and login to add your own thoughts to the discussion.


This tool goes above and beyond the native notetaking app by making it a piece of cake to add sound, video recordings, pictures or text to lecture notes to ensure you can remember what you have learnt. You can also save your class schedule and record important tasks

powerOne Scientific and Graphing Pro Calculator

This app does more than the native calculator, with functions for science and business calculations.


FaceTime is great for calling home to parents who own a Mac or iOS device but not if they’re on Android or Windows. This app lets you ‘Skype’ users on other devices for free. You can also make low-cost audio-only calls to landlines.


iBooksPhysical educational textbooks are notoriously expensive and can be exceptionally heavy to lug about. By using this app to buy and read titles from Apple’s Bookstore, you can pay less for your learning and carry around an entire library in your backpack or pocket.

NUS Extra

Students are very aware of the need to save money wherever possible and this app helps by showing places that offer discounts to anyone registered with the National Union of Students on a map. You can search categories and save your favourites for later, too.

Khan Academy

This app includes educational videos on subjects that span the arts, economics, computing, humanities, science and maths. It’s not promising to make you an expert overnight, but it might give you an edge in understanding some of the more tricky topics.

What’s on Where

When the studying is on hold, one of the joys of becoming a student and moving to a new location is slowly discovering all of the interesting and exciting activities going on in your area. This app lists events happening within a radius of several miles, along with contact information and the cost of tickets.

Math Alarm

The student struggling to get out of bed by midday may be a stereotype, but if you do have a hard time getting up in the morning, this app is both a blessing and a curse. When the alarm goes off you’ll need to answer a maths question to stop the damn thing ringing.

Study Money

When you live independently for the first time, one of the biggest challenges you face is coming to grips with managing your budget. Study Money will help you track cash withdrawals and spending in order to give you a clear indication of what’s left each week to fritter away.


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